Equipment manufacturing for gold and platinum placer deposits
Production drying machinery
Manufacture nonstandard equipment
Manufacture metal structures
Repair mining equipment


Gold mining equipment

Sluice box "Muliovka-2m"

Sluice box "Kas'ma-7B"

Sluice box "Mungai-15; 30; 50"

Sluice box "Birulia-25; 30; 50; 70"

Sluice box "Hydroelevator sluice box-50"

Scrubber trommel screen SB-50, SB-70, SB-100, SB-150, SB-200

Unbalanced-throw vibration screen GIL 32;42;52
GIS 32;42;52
GIT 32;42;52

Sluice box GGM-3

Unbalanced-throw screen with the system of sluices
(sluice add-on device)

Sluice box "Orton-30; 50; 70; 100; 150""

Multi spiral concentrator

Hydraulic giant GMS-250RK

Water-pumping stations for sluice boxes

Belt conveyor

Flushing sluices

Vibrating sluice box VPSH

Jigger screen IVS-23

Spare parts: stencil masks
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