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   The sluice box "Muliovka-2M" is intended for desegregation and concentrating gold-bearing sand with original size to 50 mm for obtaining enriched concentrate.
   The sluice box is used on gold and platinum placer deposits as mineral processing equipment, for sluicing sampling material in prospecting surveys or in the stage of reducing the size of material. It is also used by gold miners in recovery after high-powered sluice boxes when controlling ablation gold from gateway devices, for interpreting the presence of gold in dredging waste, peddle and legacy placer. If there is high gold grade in source material, "Muliovka-2M" can be used for small extraction of gold and platinum.
   Close-together arrangement of components and devices gives "Muliovka-2M" small size and weight but it is structurally very reliable, strong and designed for heavy working conditions equipment for various sands.
   The quality and reliability of this sluice box is time-tested, thanks to its characteristics it has no match in Russia. LLC "MRP "Stalkomplekt" - is the only company that produces this size of mineral processing equipment in Russia. "Muliovka-2M" is the sluice box number one in its class in terms of reliability, aesthetics and extraction of useful metal from gold-bearing on the vibrating sluice box. The quality of the "Muliovka-2M" has been often confirmed by the miners not only in Russia but also abroad.
   The sluice box can be transported in any way, even in automobile trailer. The presence of wheels on the "Muliovka-2M" provides simplicity and it is easily transferred.
The sluice box is manufactured in two versions:
Version №1: with the electric motor; Version №2: with compression ignition engine.
   The scrubber trammel screen of sluice box rotates on wearproof polyurethane wheels which ensure reliable and continuous operation of the device.
   The sluice box is equipped with the issued mechanic`s level which facilitates the installation of the device in two planes. Mechanic`s level is closed with the cover plate to save it from the dust and mud.
   The flow passage for the motor pump is connected to the sluice box with the swagelok which allows fast mobile exchange.
   The direction of irrigation in scrubber trammel screen is regulated by a special lever which is very convenient in the field condition.
   The sowing part of the scrubber trammel screen is made of wear-resistant steel. If it is necessary the grid can be changed to another size of the screen plate.
   Each construction unit of irrigation in the sluice box is regulated individually which is very convenient to change the volume of water in the coarse ore bin or in the scrubber trammel screen.
   The box for the tool is on the bed plate. The box has the necessary spare parts, lubricant, keys and instruments.
   Hose with a watering spray gun for easy removal of concentrate is additionally installed on the irrigation of the sluice box. Adaptation fitting necessary for working in the field condition can also be connected to this element.

Basic technical specifications:

- capacity: 2m3/h;
- water flow: 300-370 l/min;
- crusher size (max): 50 mm;
- length: 1940 mm;
- width: 850 mm;
- height: 1050 mm;
- weight: 184 kg.

Instrument components:

1. Skid frame;
2. Bin with static grizzly;
3. Sowing drum (with scrubber trammel screen);
4. Collective apron;
5. Vibrating slushing sluice box with a drag mat and the riffle HAPI;
6. Combustion engine (gasoline 92 octane) with the capacity of 3.6 kW single-cylinder four-cycle with air cooling or electric motor with the capacity 2.2 kW and 1000 rpm;
7. Reduction gear;
8. Hydraulic system with the nozzles;
9. Stoker apron;
10. Protective cover for the engine;
11. Hose L=3m with a watering spray gun;
12. Engine-power pump with the suction firehose and with the gasoline engine (single-cylinder four-cycle with air cooling);
13. Firehose Ø50mm and length L=20 m.

Operation description:

   The raw material is fed to the bin where it is washed by water from nozzles installed along the edge of the bin. Partially washed sands from the bin fall on the scrubber part of the sowing drum where the water flows from the nozzles, the sands are blurred by the streams of the water from the nozzles and fall on the sowing part of the sowing drum where the material is divided. Fraction +10 goes to the stoker apron. Fraction -10 enters through the openings into the collecting apron where the connected pulp flow is directed to the vibrating sluice box in which the mineral is trapped on the drag mats. The lighter particles of sand go through vibrating sluice box into the dredging waste.


Example of the performance of the device:

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