Equipment manufacturing for gold and platinum placer deposits
Production drying machinery
Manufacture nonstandard equipment
Manufacture metal structures
Repair mining equipment



Nonstandard equipment

Rich experience and industrial capacity enables the staff members of LLC "Mechanical and repair plant "Stalkomplekt" to deal with non-standard equipment for gold mining and mining industry. Non-standard solutions used in the manufacturing of various equipment, reduce the cost, improve the service life, thus, replacing the equipment imported from abroad. All decisions are coordinated with the customers. Thanks to evidence-based communication with the customers, the specialists of the LLC "Mechanical and repair plant "Stalkomplekt" help to solve complex tasks of technological schemes, help to choose the equipment, the modes of equipment manufacturing and carry out the fettling process. Our specialists can always visit the corporate customers to help them solve the problems connected with enrichment, extraction, production and to repair the equipment.

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